Thursday, January 20, 2011


I mentioned my girls are really growing up? They are. And one of the biggest differences I see if in their relationship I see developing with each other. There's more and more playing together and alongside each other. Don't get me wrong, I still break up many an argument. But they're really discovering the fun of their relationship and it's so special to watch.

The other morning, Ava spent a good 1/2 hour "reading books" to the twins.

It's times like these it's so fun to observe my girls' individual personalities. Kate? She's more of an "oldest child" than you'd expect. She likes her ducks in a row, to be in charge (and independent), and for life to have a sense of "justice." I think this is where being a twin really shapes her otherwise "second child" birth order. Olivia? She's classic youngest. She loves to be taken care of and catered to. So when Ava starts reading books like this, Olivia is there the whole time. Kate? She kind of pushes her way in and out as she deems worthy. : )
But the other funny dynamic of all of this? Kate and Ava will fight over who gets to hold Olivia. And Olivia? She just willingly bounces back and forth to whomever will have her. I always say Ava is the oldest only when she's around. Then Kate takes over. : )

I can't wait to watch these girls continue to grow up.


Mindy said...

Sweet sisters! Love those girls!

mom Bahr said...

seems like yesterday that was you, Amy and Alisa!! Excited to see you on Monday, I will be thrilled to read books, snuggle and just be together!! love, mom
ps exciting new blog page! :)