Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas in Michigan

Over New Year's we headed up to my parents to celebrate and be with them. My sister, Amy, and her family ended up joining us last minute. It was so fun to be up there, relax, and see the kids have such a ball together.

Our first full day there was gorgeous outside. And since there was still snow, we quickly headed out for some sledding before it was gone.
Sophie and Ava
The twins had actually never been out in the snow, other than quick runs through the snow, as it's been so cold at home (and last year, frankly, we were just too tired : ) ). So we bundled them up and took them to see what this sledding and snow thing was all about.
Kate all bundled up and ready to go
Grandma and Olivia

Daddy and Olivia first time down

She loved it! Cole took her down for a turn

Mommy and Kate ready to go

Cole and Olivia having fun on the "gator"

Needless to say, my two babies were snow monkeys. They loved it. After many trips down the hill, Daddy started building a snow man.

The finished snow "girl" (see the hair accessory). I love how Ava is just watching her.

A ride down on the toboggan

And you have to hot chocolate when you're done

We just opened a few gifts up in Michigan together (the girls had already "opened" bitty baby furniture when my parents came for the program).
Our one family shot ALL of Christmas

Daddy and his baby girls. They aren't babies anymore! Both girls are talking so much more and just everything they do, these days, seems a little more grownup. Hard to believe it's almost been two years.

Cousins - I'm not sure what makes me laugh more, Olivia's fingers up her nose or Kate's obnoxious cheese : )

As good of a shot as we were going to get with Gpa and Gma. Notice the problem isn't Amy's children. : )

Sophie and Ava (and more dress up)

Kate and Olivia got a small dollhouse to use for their big girl room (Ava insisted they needed one of their own). I think Kate likes it. : )

At one point I couldn't find Olivia. Then I looked inside the toy closet and found her just hiding out. I totally understood. Sometimes we all just need a little piece and quiet. : )

Olivia and Cole

Kate and Sophie

Ava and Sophie reading books together

Both Sophie and Cole were so good with all of my girls. They spoiled them rotton with attention. But Cole definitely wins a prize for repeatedly keeping up with BOTH Kate and Olivia (no small task). I think they wore him out every day . . .but they thought he was amazing.

My girls got to spend some neat time with my grandma. It was cute to see them all excited to go run over and give Grandma Eloise a hug every time she'd walk in.
Helping Grandma Eloise open her present


Ava was thrilled to open up Mary Poppins as a present. It's even more fun with people to watch it with you.

We got together with some family one afternoon. My cousin Scott's little girl Kelsey is just a few months older than Ava. They remind me a lot of each other and it was fun to see them together.

Another afternoon, Ryan, Ava, Dad, Ken and Cole headed to a nearby arcade and go-cart track. Since Ava couldn't ride the go-carts, Daddy took her put-putting for the first time.


Ava wanted to take Ryan's picture near the shark

Need I comment? : )

Ava's turn

One of these things is not like the other . . .

enjoying the rides too

My two Eskimos

Our last night there, we took Grandpa out to Yoz (our favorite frozen yogurt shop) for an early birthday celebration. Don't ask me how we didn't even get a photo of the birthday guy!
Mom and Ava making silly faces

Ava and Olivia

And with that, our Christmases were finally done. Back to real life. : )


mom Bahr said...

grandpa & I haven't had so much fun sledding since you left! Hurry back for more fun - it was great to see how much the girls enjoyed the snow and sledding!! Precious pictures, precious people and precious memories. love & hugs, mom

Amy said...

christmas was so fun with you!!! xoxo