Monday, January 17, 2011

Our family christmas

Christmas Eve we headed home to get ready for Christmas with our little family. The girls climbed into their Christmas pajamas . . .and this is as good as the photo got. : )

I mentioned Ava heads right into dress up when she gets up in the morning? Christmas was no exception. She had gotten a matching Cinderella dress for her baby doll too, that she was quite excited about.
Merry Christmas!

and this picture just makes me laugh.
ahh, real life.

Some Olivia cheese

Princess Ava

Excited to open up camping supplies for her dollhouse!

Kate opening up a new coloring book

Ava with the pajamas she bought me. I have to laugh at the story that goes with the gift. Later that morning I tried them on to see if they fit and asked Ava if she liked them. "Actually," was her immediate reply, "I think they're kind of tight." And they were. : ) Ryan took one look at my surprised face and asked, "Are you ready for this?" I'm not sure I am. Although I'll totally fess up that I already always ask Ava's opinion when I shop with her and she usually is right.

Daddy with Ava's present: a new season of King of Queens!

Ava's new coloring book and sweatshirt

Kate trying on Daddy's new fleece
Olivia thought Kate needed another present

Ava's new doghouse for her dollhouse

We bought dress up shoe for all 3 girls and Kate and Olivia were thrilled (as Ava pretty much took over all dress-up items until now since we didn't have that many choices before)

Can you tell Kate's excited! She wears them often. I told Ryan I may yet go crazy from the sound of dress up heels clomping around our floors all day. : )

We surprised the each of the girls with a princess doll we'd brought home from Disney. Ava got Cinderella. The other fun story here? Remember the gift Ava brought home from her preschool party and refused to open? When she opened it Christmas morning, she discovered a Ballerina Barbie . . .which she's been asking for ALL fall. Maybe that Santa thing really is real?! ; ) It was pretty fun to see her surprise (and mine too).

Kate and her Tinkerbell

Disclaimer: I apologize for more pix than you may want at times, but since this is as close as I get to scrap booking/baby booking . . . I do it for me. : )


Mindy said...

They are OH SO CUTE! I love all the pictures you put on here - don't apologize! It is YOUR blog after all. :)

mom Bahr said...

How fun to catch up on more photos from Sarasota! Sure wish grandpa Maibach had internet access at home to share these with him!! Looking forward to sharing special time with you all down here!! love & hugs, mom