Monday, October 4, 2010

18 months old!

My girls turned 18 months old on Sept. 3 (just slightly behind).

Olivia and Kate

At their check up (weeks ago : ) ) they were:

Kate: 23 1/4 lb (30%) and 31 3/4 in (50%)
Olivia: 23 lb (30%) and 32 in (60%)

These are two very busy little girls. I love to watch the interactions between the two of them and see their similarities and love to see their individual characteristics continue to grow as well.

Oliva. Olivia just kind of makes me smile. She's a goofball, loves to tease, is quick to obey and quick to be wronged (how's that for a combination : ) ). She LOVES shoes and has been known to often get very upset with mommy if I try and put on a pair of shoes she doesn't want to wear that day. She is my biggest monkey of all 3 girls. I'm convinced she views any object and schemes a way to climb it.

Olivia's a world-class hugger (totally has the squeeze down) and asks to sing "this little light of mine" often. Some favorite words of lately include "no" and "mine" and she is my mommy's girl. Often times throughout the day she'll come and find me, ask "up?" and then just snuggle me for a few minutes. I'm going to miss it someday when she's big. Her relationship with Ava is pretty hot and cold. She's either dying of laughter . . .or dying of tears. : ) Olivia lives life with both feet jumped in and on a walk is usually 20 steps behind us because she's having too much fun enjoying her environment.

Kate. My sweet Kate. Of my 3, she is probably my most "laid back" and independent of all my 3 girls. But even as I write, I kind of chuckle at the description. For Kate can also be my most opinionated. So I describe her as my selectively laid back child (kind of matters on the mood?). She's also mischievous as all get out and smart about it. She'll sneak into about anything and totally wait out someone, hoping they'll forget the instructions they just gave her. : ) Kate is my bookworm and will often hole up in the corner, reading books on her own (although Olivia has been catching on to their fun too!). She loves to color and will sit and diligently work at her tasks.
It's been so interesting watching her relationship with Ava lately. As much as they can clash, she watches Ava like a hawk. Ryan and I chuckle often as we see Kate imitate Ava's actions and behavior over and over. Ava walks along a ledge on a walk and Kate immediately starts doing the same. While watching a movie, she'll lay down on her belly resting her chin in her hands . . .just like her big sister next to her. She constantly absorbs and observes. While more reserved than Olivia, her loyalty once won is very sweet. A daddy's (and grandpas') girl, she loves the men in her life. "Eensy weensy spider" is a favorite along with Barney's "I love you." I often hear her singing it as we drive along or as she's laying in her bed to go to sleep.

I'm thankful for my pair of munchkins and the joy they bring to our house!

And just for fun, you peek at an 18 month old Ava here.


Sarah said...

I LOVED this post Amber! What a sweet description of your little gals.

You are one observant mommy!

They're beautiful!

Minders said...

They are so darling! We love these girlies!! Levi was very excited to "read" this post with me. :) As soon as he saw the girls he said "O-LIB-E-DAH!!!!"

mom Bahr said...

precious words (and darling photo) for some precious little angels! love & prayers forever, mom

Kristy said...

So sweet- love these girls!