Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Applesauce Day!

A couple of weeks ago my mom was coming to help my sister and her family pack up for their move. She came a day early to help me make our applesauce. The girls had lots of fun with it. : )

Olivia having fun with the empty boxes
Grandma and her girls

Ava was actually a very diligent helper. She LOVED getting to help wash off the apples (right down her first-born ally : ) ) and was quite proud of herself.

Mommy and Ava

Alisa and the kids showed up just in time to help us. : )

We'll be enjoying all the applesauce for the rest of the year - thanks Mom!


mom Bahr said...

Applesauce is always more fun when you are with those you love so much!! Seems like yesterday you were that age and we were at grandma Maibach's.....precious memories to my heart. Before you know it, your girls will be asking you to come and help them make applesauce!! Hope I can be there too! love forever, mom
ps Cindy called today and the Maibach applesauce day is next Tuesday at her place.....think you can make it??

Amy said...

so fun!!! love the pix :)

Jill said...

Amber - I was just thinking of doing the same thing. I have been making it for years, but I would love to be able to have enough for at least a season instead of only a meal or two. Do you freeze it or can it? Let me know, I would love to know how you do it.