Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ahh, the sweet words of a child.

Picture have you curious yet?!

Last night Ryan had singing practice with his group.

So I loaded up the girls and they visited Aunt Alisa's house for the first time.

My sister's family just brought home a goat and two baby goats last week to their place. Ava has loved getting to go watch, pet and play with them.

So after getting to Alisa's, I decided to head out to watch Ava have fun with them.

We had only been out for a little bit when Braden asked, "Why is her belly so fat?!" (ie. the goat's?).

Don't try and pretend like you know where this is going. : )

Alisa went on to explain to Braden that the mom had just had her babies a week ago and it takes time for her belly to get smaller.

Brynne, ever being helpful, hurried on to help with the explanation.

"Just like Amber's big belly Braden!"

The pure sincerity and helpfulness she said it in only made it funnier.

It's a good thing she's 5 and not 16. : ) Then it might have not felt very funny.

Well I'm off to take care of my kids . . ..MAaaaaaaa.


Minders said...

lol, oh Amber! You are looking great! I miss you and hope you are getting along good! Maybe we can stop in next week and visit barring any sickness that may arise. :)

emilykate said...

Oh Goodness, way to be a good sport and share this with the rest of us...definitely gave me a good laugh! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Oh Amber....I know those days....good thing Alisa's kids are so sweet and innocent!

Thanks for a cute little humor this morning! Lots of love! Stacy

Jami @ livelaughlove5 said...