Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My First Stitch Fix Experience

I can't quite believe I am about to do this  . . .

I first heard about Stitch Fix from my friend Lauren's blog and was very intrigued.  Stitch Fix is essentially a company who does personal shopping for you.  You share with them your sizes, style and clothes preferences and can even link them to your pinterest page to view specific clothes and styles you tend towards.  A stylist then handpicks 4 or 5 items to send you for a $20 styling fee that is then applied to any items you choose to keep.  I read and thought, "This is a mom's dream!  Someone to shop for you and ship it to you without hauling a single kid out of a car seat." : )

Lauren is always super fun and cute.  So seeing the fun Stitch Fix items she received, and the ones she chose to keep, only helped me be convinced.

So with Ryan's permission I gave it a try.  

Here's the catch. I don't have a pinterest board.  And it's hard to communicate your style and preferences to someone through a simple questionnaire. I will admit, Stitch Fix almost has me convinced to join all you pinterest junkies. : )  However I did my best and knowing it may take a stylist a little longer to figure me out, gave it a try.

My first Stitch Fix box came this saturday (you can set/schedule how often or how little you want to receive your fixes).  I will admit to feeling a little disappointed this time.  There wasn't as much color like I had said I was looking to find.  However, of the clothes sent, 3 out of 4 fit great.  A scarf was also sent along as a small extra but I didn't really like it so didn't even try it on.  

So here you go - because we are all friends, I went ahead and let Ryan take pictures of me in these after I had gone running and showered . . .and was too lazy to do hair or makeup at 9:00 at night for you all. : )

First off a light weight, every day cardigan.

I thought it was ok. Fit and weight were good.  But for our tight budget of the moment, it felt a little "fallish" and not special enough to justify a purchase.

Next up? My death stare.  See . ..we are all family here. : )

Oh, I mean this dressy cardigan.

Ryan actually really liked this one (and Ava too ; )).  But I may have mentioned we are on a tight budget right now and so I told Ryan it felt a little too dressy and specific of a sweater (and a little wintery) to want to spend my limited clothes budget on.

This blouse almost had me.  I loved everything about it . . .but the colors.  The fit was awesome, loved the style and weight. It would transition great through spring with skinny jeans or a skirt to church.  But I didn't love the black/white (I know, some of you are probably gasping) and both Ryan and I agreed if it was in about any other color, I would have kept it in a heartbeat.  With the black/white it needed a really fun and colorful necklace and since I don't have/wear those . . .it too is going back.

The stylist had also included a really light weight cap sleeve wrap dress in a gorgeous blue. I was really excited . . .until I put it on and she obviously didn't get the memo I had twins. : )  It was too lightweight to hide any problem areas.  So sorry, that one did not get a picture.

I know, probably not the best endorsement being that I didn't keep an item : ). .. but this is one of those things I am already convinced enough by my super easy experience thus far (your fix comes with a prelabeled bag to drop in your nearest mailbox to ship back any unwanted items) to already have scheduled another try.  I have seen my friend Lauren find success (and some really cute items) and know once my stylist and I get a better feel for eachother, I think I will be able to find some neat items for my wardrobe I might not otherwise find locally (without spending a bit of time hauling my kids through stores).

So there you go, my first Stitch Fix Experience. Maybe not the fairy tale I hoped for . .. but I feel like it was a good beginning. I'm excited to see what else comes and wanted to share with all my momma friends out who I think might also love the ease of shopping this way.  And I may get a $25 credit if you decide to try it yourself and make a purchase.  I'm trying it out either way . . .but you can't pass up that chance, now can you. : )  Just use the links I included in this post to check it out.

I'll have to update you all on how my next Stitch Fix goes . . .and maybe next time I'll actually do my hair. ; )

How's that for a random post on the unimportant (but can we admit fun?!) things of life?!

my little dancers

I have a dance workout video I will do from time to time that my girls always love to get in on.

The best part?

They totally have their favorites of the girls who make it.

Two of them have a funky hat or something on and my girls love to run around and see how close to them they can look like.  Makes for some fun times.  I'd post video . . .but no one wants to watch my lack of moves. : )

Have to love the memories!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

January Candids

A sweet sick girl finally getting some sleep

Mommy and Olivia on a lazy saturday morning

Manicures anyone?

Building tents

Afternoon cupcake stop

Pajama Day at School and Show and Tell?  Win, win.

The aftermath of playing "store" one afternoon

Olivia looks thrilled here, doesn't she!?

more snuggles with my sickie

late night snuggles with my sickie

When it was pajama day at school, these girls still continue their ritual of changing outfits 10 times a day . . .but in the spirit of the day, switch to new pajamas

Sometimes when you are the only one who can't go to school, a little starbucks can cheer you up.

who says two people can't play duck, duck, goose?!

Sometimes, we need these reminders.

Waiting outside for sister one frigid day.  We will not miss this next year (our school will only release kindergarteners directly to parents or older siblings).  Next year we join the pick up line!! : )

Her poor husband some day . . . ; )

Why Ava loves fridays at our house - she gets to wake up to Selah.

One random night of insomnia - I finally let her watch strawberry shortcake on the kindle at 1:30 am.

And as random as our winter has been - a random "spring" day to ride bikes to get Ava