Tuesday, March 5, 2013

January Candids

A sweet sick girl finally getting some sleep

Mommy and Olivia on a lazy saturday morning

Manicures anyone?

Building tents

Afternoon cupcake stop

Pajama Day at School and Show and Tell?  Win, win.

The aftermath of playing "store" one afternoon

Olivia looks thrilled here, doesn't she!?

more snuggles with my sickie

late night snuggles with my sickie

When it was pajama day at school, these girls still continue their ritual of changing outfits 10 times a day . . .but in the spirit of the day, switch to new pajamas

Sometimes when you are the only one who can't go to school, a little starbucks can cheer you up.

who says two people can't play duck, duck, goose?!

Sometimes, we need these reminders.

Waiting outside for sister one frigid day.  We will not miss this next year (our school will only release kindergarteners directly to parents or older siblings).  Next year we join the pick up line!! : )

Her poor husband some day . . . ; )

Why Ava loves fridays at our house - she gets to wake up to Selah.

One random night of insomnia - I finally let her watch strawberry shortcake on the kindle at 1:30 am.

And as random as our winter has been - a random "spring" day to ride bikes to get Ava


mom Bahr said...

love the updates - and thankful everyone is healthy again!