Sunday, February 5, 2012

time in georgia

Ava and I loved the time we got to spend in Georgia at my sister's. It was a fun getaway in the midst of a busy time of year for us.

Rough life: airplane ride, snacks, a movie
I was worried Ava would might get bored during the day while Sophie and Cole were at school? No need to worry. Within a couple hours of them being gone, she had all the toys arranged in the upstairs to her liking and was having a ball.

Not to mention the fact that she had her beloved Oliver to keep her company. They picked up right where they left off, spending the days together and him sleeping beside her at night. You may remember some past Oliver loving here or here. : )
Watching a movie with Oliver

And with that I headed off to Created for Care . .. let's just say the pictures Amy texted me while I was there more than assured me I wasn't being missed. : )

I came back sunday night in time to send Ken and Amy off to a fundraiser . . . (don't they look good together : ) )
and spend my night having fun with these 3!
Ava & Sophie
Cole and me
Some more snuggles for Oliver
And then it was time to get serious. A movie and ice cream were waiting!
One happy little girl: vacation, her cousin . . .and did I mention, Oliver?
Me and my first baby girl.
While there are times our similarities (and differences!) can make for a roller coaster ride, I love our times together. I was thankful for the time to get away and just to love on her. Can hardly believe she heads off to kindergarten next year!!!


mom Bahr said...

How fun for everyone - excited to see the pictures! I am so lonesome - don't know if I can wait till next month to see you all!!

Amy Cherise said...

Mom - pick Amber up and bring the girls down with her!!! xoxo