Thursday, December 23, 2010

getting ready for christmas

Sorry for the barrage of posts . . .trying to get caught up before Christmas officially arrives. : )

It was exciting to get our house ready for the Christmas tree. It's neat to see Ava at the stage of anticipating everything and remembering the little things. She was quite excited to get Daddy's train set up before we went out for our tree.

We got it all set up - Kate and Olivia were a little unsure.
As soon as we turned it on? Let's just say the party dwindled to two.
As this is where the 3rd child planted herself.

Ava wasted no time having fun.
The wait for our tree lasted one more night. But Ava and Daddy made up for the wait.

And when we finally got out (on a FRIGID night), we found just the right tree. Please note my daughter. sigh.

excited for Christmas!


mom Bahr said...

What a precious way to spend Christmas eve.... reading up on your blog all the Christmas joys you are sharing with your little sweethearts! My sweet rolls are just waiting for me to get started, but it is so much fun to read all your updates! I'm using your receipe this morning, just because it blesses my heart to think of you - and hope them turn out as yummy as yours did last weekend. :) love & hugs, mom