Thursday, December 23, 2010

christmases begin

The morning after we returned home, we got to spend the day celebrating Christmas with the Ryan's extended family.

Ava opening up a pair of pajamas from Gpa and Gma
I'd take this present gladly!

Ryan's cousin had his little boy there and he's SO sweet. My girls LOVED loving on him and poor little B got snuggled to pieces.

Did I mention he was snuggled to pieces? and then some. Thanks for letting my girls love on your little guy so much M & R!

Kate and Ava modeling their new pj's. Notice Olivia absent? That may be because part way through the day Olivia proceeded to hurl all over mommy and was taken home. Thankfully, after a couple hours of being sick, she was back to herself. We decided the poor girl's body was just reacting to 2 full days of no sleep and lots of junk food. But we did have to miss part of the fun.

Growing up, Ryan and his cousins always put on a "christmas play" as they acted out the christmas story. With more little kids AND an actual baby this year (wouldn't have worked when our girls were babies unless we had multiple nights for a show : ) ) the play was brought back. The older crew were good sports.

Kate refused to put on her angel outfit.

My angel. And yes, she's always this sweet. ; )
Can't believe we didn't get a single picture with Grandma Great or Grandpa Mel - but thanks for a special day (the part I was there anyways : ) ).


Mindy said...

I want to give props to Noah that as he looked at the picture of Kate & Ava in their pjs he knew it was Kate and not Olivia!

"Awww, Ava is an angel!" - Noah :)