Monday, June 7, 2010


Aunt Callie brought home a puppy for a little while that our whole house fell in love with.

Meet Lucy - isn't she precious?
Long story short, Aunt Callie decided Lucy would be better off at another home. To the panic of many in our lives, we seriously considered bringing her into our family. Ava was in love and while we knew it was half-crazy (ok, maybe fully), so much about Lucy was exactly what we would want for a dog.

Yet practicality won out this time and we decided to let Lucy go live with her brother Ozzie.

We went to spend one more afternoon with Lucy before she went to her new home. I told Ryan, I kind of realized I liked her about as much as Ava. She was pretty sweet.

Although I think shortly after we got there, Lucy was thinking, "Thank you that I get to go live with Stephen and Liz. . . "

And then she said, "THANK YOU that I get to go live with Stephen and Liz."

Then I think I heard, "PLEASE let me go live with Stephen and Liz NOW."
The twins wouldn't let her out of their sight and just tag teamed her around the house.

Ava and Lucy

Ava's favorite part of having a dog. She feels pretty grown up holding on to a leash.

Give her lots of snuggles for us Stephen and Liz!


Amy said...

i think your girls need a puppy!!!! xoxo

Elizabeth said...

We give her lots and lots of cuddles, but we also heard Lucy say once that she wanted all the Prevo girls to come visit her.