Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4th of July in pictures . . .a little late

We spent the week of the 4th up in Michigan with my family. While much of the week was my grandpa's funeral, visitation and other visiting family, we did find some down time on the 4th to spend some time just as family and for the cousins to have some fun. Thanks for all of your prayers . . .and as my grandma crosses your mind, please continue to pray for her. So many adjustments . . .

But on to the photos!

This is actually from when I was home with the girls in June. I just loved this shot of my Grandma Bahr and Kate. It's classic grandma .. . and classic Kate: smiles and love for whoever will spend time with her.
The girls got to meet Grandma Lorene and Papa Ben for the first time. It was so special to be able to finally introduce our two little girls!
Grandma Lorene Mae holding Olivia
Mae . . .two special ladies in my life!

Two of my most favorite people!

Cousin time galore!
Sophie snuggling Kate and Olivia

Ava and Cole are kindred spirits at heart - live life to the fullest!

We had a birthday party for Sophie.
Amy had a pinata for the kids and decorated the basement; including lots of favors on the floor for all the kids. Ava thought it was great. Here's how she spent half her evening.

Smiles from Olivia

Daddy and Kate hanging out at the party

Ava taking her turn at the pinata

And then back to work.

Grandma and Olivia

I love this shot of Ava - her hanging out with one of her favorite people ever: Auburn!

Kate found the activities a little exhausting.

Ava was still busy at work.


The annual pyramid. Let's just say it's getting a little rougher on that bottom group every year!

The closest thing to a decent family picture we've had yet.


Jessica said...

Love the pyramid tradition :) Also, your "family pic" of just you guys is really good!!

Anonymous said...

How fun to see the photos - and special thanks for your family shot, it was worth all the effort! (you were such a great sport about that) Is it too late to connect on Friday to get some copies? Let me know. love forever, mom

Jill Tucci said...

Amber - the girls are getting so big! And cuter by the day. LOVE the family picture! Ava is such a little doll! Hope things are going well for you.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of Ava with the kazoo. Those made me laugh every time they showed up. ~Michelle

Amy Cherise said...

hugs and kisses from cousins in atlanta!!!