Thursday, July 9, 2009

4 months old!

Kate and Olivia turned 4 months old while we were up in Michigan last week. We just went in this morning for their check-up. Both girls are still growing well with Kate getting a little more of an edge on Olivia with their weights . . .although Olivia measures just a hair taller. They continue to change so much week to week. At this age it always seems like the fun keeps growing and growing (we won't count the past couple of days . . .I think the travel, a cold and shots did them and mommy in : ) ). Both girls are now rolling all over their cribs when put down for a nap and laughs come easier and easier.

At today's appt:
Kate: 11 lb 11 oz 25%
Olivia: 11 lb 3 oz 25%
Kate: 23" 25%
Olivia: 23 1/4" 30%
I love how it looks like they're laughing over something together here.
we love our little girls!


Katie said...

so fun Amber,

Minders said...

They are so cute! Give them kisses from me!

kasey said...

They are such dolls, Amb. I love the updates!!!

Amy Cherise said...

kisses from aunt amy!!! i miss you all!!!

Anonymous said...

The little angels look adorable! Thanks for sharing precious time with us after grandpa's funeral. Hope you are getting rested up, and thanks for all your love and support. love forever, mom

Jen said...

It's good to know how much fun you have...the prospect of bringing my twins home has me a little scared. LOL

Amber said...


believe me, I DO understand. : ) But know that without a doubt, there is a light at the end of the tunnel of exhaustion : ) and that there is, without a doubt, alot of fun with twins.

just keep taking a day at a time (hey - some days, it may be an hour at a time.) BUT, you'll do great!!!!