Friday, June 26, 2009

slowly but surely . ..

Getting a good picture of ONE baby can take some effort, much less trying to take one of two!

Here's a recent attempt we had . . .

Not bad, really. But we can do better!
Let's work on this individually.
Olivia gives me a hint of a smile.
Kate is still contemplating if this is really worth the effort.

Let's try again. Still room for improvement.

Kate is getting discouraged but Olivia cheers her on.

That's better - giggles all around.

Happy Friday!!!!!


Jessica said...

Wow, I am really starting to tell them apart now. Their hair lines are much different and Kate seems more chunky in the face to me. Now if they were not side by side I would still have no clue who was who ;) They are just so so so stinkin cute!!!

Busy Mom said...


Minders said...

They are SO cute! Love those girls!

Brooke said...

Oh my goodness. They ARE so stinking cute! Keep up the good work on those pictures. :) Can't help but smile when you look at those girls.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing pictures from your photo shoot. oh my, they are so darling! makes me smile just to think of them. still praying, teresa cunningham

Sarah said...

Seriously gorgeous!!!!!

Amy Cherise said...

Sophie and Cole are SO proud of their adorable twin cousins and can't wait to play with them this week!!!
You are doing a great job with your girls amb! - you are amazing and you inspire me. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Beautiful little angels!! love forever, mom