Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My helper

The other week, Ryan took Ava and Kate to church while Olivia stayed home with Mommy to help me clean the house in between showings (we officially surpassed #60 this past weekend).

But I digress. : )

As we moved around the house, Olivia stayed faithfully by my side, sweeping a bit in each room, and just enjoying the chance to be on her own.

She was quite the happy helper.

As we were leaving a room, I caught myself thinking, "cleaning seems simple and fun with just one helper.  Those were the days . . ."

Then I thought back to that time  . . .and how the thought of trying to clean the "whole" house while Ava was awake even then at times seemed like "work."

Oh how perspective and time changes our mindsets - huh?! : )

It was a good reminder to embrace the sweetness of this stage I find myself in with our girls and not just let the parts that can exhaust me take center stage.

Because all too soon, I will be looking wistfully over my shoulder at today and wishing for the simplicity of giggle, hugs and baby dolls.

Besides, you should see my 3 helpers dust.  I'll put them up against your cleaning lady any day.  : )


Amy Cherise said...

praying 61 wants 1507!!! xoxo

Amber said...

61 has already come and gone. : )