Friday, June 3, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day we got to spend with lots of family. I have to say, that as we pursue this adoption journey, my eyes have been opened even more to what an immense blessing and gift it is to watch my girls grow up day to day. Even on the hardest of days, these girls bless my life more than I could ever begin to express. I love the gift it is to hear each giggle, see each new milestone or achievement and enjoy the proud smiles that light their faces.

Ava, Kate and Olivia, I am SO thankful to be your mommy. I pray that Jesus can continue to be your joy as you grow into the Godly women I already see forming. Your daddy and I are so blessed because of each of you!

A quick shot of mommy and her girls before church

Later that day, we headed up to Grandpa and Grandma's for more mother's day fun

The girls excited about their own little table
We celebrated my birthday too - as always I had eager helpers to help blow out the candles

Serving cake is a serious matter for my 3 frosting lovers

Nothing like a spoonful of frosting!!

Just in case I ever wondered why my kids like to be with family (which I don't), this kind of sums it up.

3 children swinging.

4 adults entertaining. : )

Mother and Daughter

Mother & Daughter : )

The twins have quickly caught on to Ava's obsession with funny face pictures

Olivia, my little nut

A rare shot of Ryan, David, Callie and Mom. I'm thankful for her hand in Ryan's life.

And add in our 3 crazies. : )

Ava and Mommy. Can't believe how fast she's grown up!

Olivia and Kate are OBSESSED with changing each other's diapers currently. Makes nap time a little interesting sometimes . . .I'm thinking about time to potty train. Any volunteers?! : )

Grandma & Ava

And the "must have" funny face. For every photo posted, I promise 10 -15 more have been taken and erased. : )