Tuesday, July 13, 2010

stories to remember

My Ava is one of a kind.

For a long while, now, I keep "meaning" to record in a notebook the endless amount of fun phrases, stories and expressions that come out of her mouth. I'm going to start trying to occasionally share some here.

She's growing up far faster than this mommy would like. And yet even as I lament it, I praise God for it. For even in her most exasperating moments, it's a priviledge to see my little girl grow. The other day she looked at me and exclaimed with great expression, "Mommy, I just love Jesus SOO much." Now that's something I pray continues and grows.

One story that has made Ryan and I laugh often these past couple weeks occurred one afternoon as Ava and I were playing.

"I'm the princess and you're the queen," Ava loudly declared to me.

After a pause she continued,

"And Olivia and Kate are the stepsisters."
(there are days that is probably a completely true expression of her opinion) : )


Kristy said...

Laughing out loud- hilarious!!! Love that girl.

Anonymous said...

I hope I didn't do a no-no, but we were playing Cinderella (guess who was Cinderella)and the slipper just wouldn't quite fit Kate and Olivia. And just a note - if you buy any more dresses for the "queen" to wear, I (I mean she)prefers something other than purple. Gma

mom Bahr said...

Have you ever considered sending these delightful tidbits to Reader Digest???? They pay money for these quips!! Dad, Sophie & I enjoyed this latest blog - make sure you record these. We're excited to see you in a couple of days! :) love, mom