Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Bath time is always more fun with a playmate

We took advantage of the GORGEOUS weather last saturday and put out all our outside decorations and alot of our indoor decorations. Ava had lots of fun "helping" Daddy outside.
Taking a break to play in the leaves

Watch this Mom!


Each of the girls get a little christmas tree in their room that they get to pick out an ornament for each year. Ava was quite excited to have her tree all lit up.

Having fun at Gpa and Gma Prevo's house

There are definite blessings to the girls getting bigger - even if it does get more chaotic at times. But Kate and Olivia LOVE to play in the toy room now. So each morning, after they are all fed, all 3 usually find their way here to play. Mommy is thankful for the time to eat her breakfast in peace and let her brain wake up a little bit. It's so neat to have the moments where all of them play so great together. Makes me look forward to them growing up so close together (most of the time ; ) ).

Kate and Olivia's favorite toy. They'll find each other through the door and just giggle and giggle and giggle at the other. It's pretty cute to watch.

Pulling up on anything and everything is a must. These two get all over. And for the record. My children do have clothes. And they do wear them. Yet for some reason, it never seems to get captured.

Ava just finished her latest round of swim lessons the other week. She did a great job - by the end of the session this time she was excitedly swimming with a noodle all by herself. Daddy got to come and watch her one day and she was quite happy to show off. : )


mom Bahr said...

Thankful Ken has his laptop set up for his business while they are moving....and for me to catch up on your blog - just seeing the photos is a major energy boost!! How delightful and thanks Amber, for taking the time to share them all. love forever, mom
ps grandma Lorene is moving back today to Woodhaven. Thanksful to know she is in God's loving care. Thanks for all your prayers.